Whipped cream is a delightful topping for desserts, hot chocolate, ice cream sundaes and more. It’s easy to make at home with just a cold bowl, heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar. Adding a touch of vanilla or other flavorings takes this simple ingredient to new heights, making any dessert taste even better.

If you take pleasure in the abundant, buttery flavor of cream cheese, you can include a couple of ounces per cup of whipped cream for a creamy addition to any dish. The peaks won’t increase as high, however they will be a little firmer than normal whipped cream. If you utilize this tip, be sure to beat the cream until soft peaks form and it’s not too thick. To keep the whipped cream from melting, try using a clean, metal or glass bowl and regularly scraping the sides as you beat.
Another simple option is to use ready gelatin instead of sugar and beat till stiff peaks are formed. This technique also works well when you want to develop a light, frosting-like consistency. It’s best to blend this into the cream near completion of the whipping process to guarantee it’s well incorporated and not too firm.
A couple of tablespoons of powdered cocoa powder, mixed into the cream along with the sugar and vanilla, can change it into an abundant chocolate treat. This is best for strawberries and other fruit or in a chocolate cream pie or cake.
It’s also a terrific addition to coffee based dishes, such as a mocha or mug of hot chocolate. You can also make a peppermint version to assist commemorate the holidays.
Cinnamon adds a subtle however tasty fall taste to whipped cream, and it’s particularly excellent on apple pie or any other dessert with apples. The spice also pairs perfectly with chocolate or nut-based desserts.
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You can likewise give your whipped cream a revitalizing citrus kick by utilizing orange or lemon extract. This will likewise match well with many different types of fruit, particularly berries and melon.
Almond extract is another fantastic way to flavor whipped cream. Simply be careful not to go overboard with this flavor, as it can rapidly turn from sweet to bitter.
A spray of nutmeg or cardamom in your whipped cream can introduce an unexpected however really yummy dimension to any dish. This is perfect for chocolate and nut-based desserts, in addition to hot beverages. You can also try a sprinkling of ginger or other spices for more exotic dishes.