Geeni Prisma 5M Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Compatible with Alexa

9.2/10 (Expert Score)
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Geeni Prisma 5M Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Compatible with Alexa
Geeni Prisma 5M Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Compatible with Alexa


LIGHT IT UP: For cabinets, under furniture, TV’s and more, our brilliant room light strips add color and vibrancy to your home! Great for holidays or anytime these lights work to illuminate with thousands of color and temperature variations. They are also perfect lights for Tik Tok videos.

Top Positive Review

We now have a total of 4 Geeni Light Strips in our house and are looking at doubling that number. Our oldest Geeni light strip has been up for over a year with no problems. Geeni light strips are just an all around great smart light strip. The quality of them at the price they are at make them ideal for all sorts of lighting projects without breaking the bank.

The app is easy to use and makes setting them up for their smart features a breeze. The color options are varied and great for mood/accent lighting, and easy to change in the app. One minor complaint is that you have to adjust each light individually instead of setting up a group/room and being able to adjust all those lights at once. There is also no way to customize themes and the ones available in the app are very limited.

The adhesive on all strips, regardless of the brand is nothing to write home about. For this reason I highly recommend using clips to help with install regardless of how you’re installing it, especially if what you’re installing it on has any corners. The clips will help keep it up (or down), in place and secure. If you don’t use any clips it is quite likely that you will wind up having sagging or bumps. This isn’t something that is unique to Geeni’s light strips. The adhesive just isn’t that great. Geeni does include clips in the box, but I always find that there are never enough. If you only use the clips they include you are spacing them out quite far, and because the strip’s adhesive isn’t that great you may find that you still get sagging in between the clips. For this reason I order different clips that are easier to install and use, and that allows me to space them more closely and eliminates any sagging problems. It is because of the clips that I give this only four stars.

Outside of the clips we have had no issue. We have installed them behind the top track of a curtain in our living room, on top of the kitchen cabinets, behind our entertainment center, and now on the walls of our coat closet. I’ve ordered a couple more sets of these to add behind the top track of the curtains in our dining room and the entry way, and I’m going to sew them into the bottom of our couch and love seat for ambient lighting all around. In time I might even get around to using them for under cabinet lighting.

Top Critical Review

Last year my employer sent us all gift boxes which included a Geeni smart plug and I really liked it. I then started buying other Geeni products – more smart plugs, sensors and switches. After getting a new headboard for the bedroom I purchased this Geeni strip light. I was extremely disappointed with the control and lack of brightness. For Christmas I had given one of my kids the Govee strip light with wifi/remote and it was incredibly bright even in the middle of the day with the blinds open in her room. This Geeni strip light is not even visible in the daytime with all the blinds closed and at 100% brightness. Secondly, there is a button in the app to select the white color. It is NOT white. It is very blue. The rainbow color select is hard to precisely choose what color you want. For a few dollars more look at the Govee strip lights.

Customer Questions & Answers

So do the strips have to plug into the wall somehow to get their power?
Answer: Yes they have a 5 volt power supply just like a phone charger

do they flash to music?
Answer: No

If you cut the strip of lights, how do you get the additional strip to work?
Answer: You can solder a connector to the extra length of lights and buy a controller online. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can search for clip on led strip end connectors. You could be able to find something. Just be sure to check polarity when connecting things

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