Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights for Bedroom

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Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights for Bedroom
Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights for Bedroom


Smart RGBIC Effects: Unlike RGB, RGBIC LED strip lights present stunning segmented colors on a line. The smart LED strip lights create a colorful lighting feast to decorate your home.

Top Positive Review

Incredible! I replaced an old cheap faulty LED ribbon under my gazebo after only a year of its installation. I saw this and figured i??d give it a try.

I love how much better this ribbon is built and much thicker than my last set. The brightness is incredible the app and ease of use was a no brainer as well.

When I ordered this product I saw that these ribbons cannot be cut to size so before ordering it i thought of ways i could maybe use electrical tape to cover the overlap but after Installing and seeing how they worked, I didn??t need to do anything. VERY VERY IMPRESSED!

Top Critical Review

This is advertised as the brightest govee lightstrip. In fact it is not. Other model H6144/H6143 is a bit brighter than these.

Also there’s one IC chip each to control every five led lights, this means that effects will be more “spread out”. In H6144/H6143 one IC chip controls THREE led lights, so the effects will be more “localized”.

Lastly the number of LEDs per meter in lower than H6144/H6143.

A couple of good things about this lightstrip are it has waterproof coating and is a one contiguous 32.8 ft strip as opposed to two 16.4 ft steps in H6144 (total 32.8 ft).

Customer Questions & Answers

is the pro version AS flexible as the non pro version??? can these be flexed to the side with lights pointing down from hue LS couldnt
Answer: Yes, this RGBIC led light is as flexible as the non-pro version

How many strips can be connected?
Answer: It’s not recommended to connect 2 strip lights in series due to the power issue. The voltage drop may cause the strip light showing different colors if they are connected continuously.

Do these LED have a chasing mode?
Answer: Yes, this RGBIC pro Led strip light has a chasing mode.

What is the difference between this strip and Govee ??H61431D1 strip?
Answer: This RGBIC Pro Led strip light is the latest version of RGBIC which has better performance than previous RGBIC strip lights.

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