Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

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Govee Smart LED Strip Lights
Govee Smart LED Strip Lights


Effortless Hands-Free: Work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Govee LED strip lights could be controlled easily. Power on/off, adjust brightness, or change colors to create the atmosphere needed for your morning routine, parties, or movie nights.

Top Positive Review

I’ve bought 5 of govees light products and I’ve been using them for over a year now. I very much enjoy them as they are affordable, high quality, easy to install and use. Here’s the break down.

The box had me slightly concerned cause it looks different then the box in the sellers picture but after looking at the products I qas relieved to find the lights I ordered within. I guess there’s just some inconsistencies with packaging.

The box includes the usual stuff, a user manual, an advertising card which states there’s a 1 year warranty on the lights which i didnt know so save that and your Amazon order number info, it also includes 2 alcohol prep pads, an installation guide, 2 packages of mounting brackets, the RFID remote, the 3 setting wall mounted Remote, the power supply and 2 individual wrapped sets of LED lights 5 meters each which is 16 and some inches in feet.

The LED lights are not individually addressable, they are not protected by any coating so they are not weather or water resistant definitely meant for indoor use and with low humidity. The LEDs them selves are RGB+white on one chip no dedicated white LED chip, they are also low density which is great for dissipating heat. The lights are smart and easily set up and connected via the GOVEE app and automatically paired to my alexa once on the same wifi channel.

The wall mount remote features 3 settings power, mode, and color.

The RFID remote has several settings, power, auto, cycle, music mode, speed, brightness, hue, and white, red, blue, green dedicated buttons. Make sure if you intend to use the RFID remote that the receiver is in a place thats in open site because the remote needs to be pointed directly at it for it to work. I used the app to control the lights and its seamless.

What would make this better?
If the package included a hand full of led splitters or jumping cables that would have been amazing as well if the the light strips were coated with a protective weather proofing that would have been nice too. The 5 meter dream light set is coated but comes with less lights so id have to buy two sets of those if i wanted protective covered lights at 10 meters.

In conclusion:
I highly recommend these lights even with the minor downfalls I mentioned above. Ive neen an avid user of this brand for a year now and they’ve never let me down. Alway bright always fun always a crowd pleaser.

Buyers tip!
I recommend downloading the GOVEE app first before buying they offer coupons and sales within the app that can be applied to your Amazon purchase.

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Top Critical Review

Update 2/18/2021: I have had to update my review as Govee has changed their 32.8′ sets to where the controller is now permanently attached to the strip just like the 16.4 sets are. One of my strips is no longer working with the WiFi so they sent me a new one. However that device has the connector hardwired into the strip meaning I would have to remove my strips that I cut and soldered together to get them on the different levels of the cabinets in order to use the new device. That is completely unacceptable. Why they would take this step backwards is beyond me. I know that some people just use the full 16.4′ per strip or cut off where it ends but if you need to put yours up with spans between some of the lights and your controller dies, then you’ll have to solder in a new controller and that could mean removing your lights or soldering in place which could be very uncomfortable if not impossible.

So I bought 2 32.8′ sets and a 16.4′ set to do my kitchen in LEDs Here is what I noticed.

1. The 32.4′ set did not work well with the ez-connectors (ASIN B01MU7FKUK). You can see in my first picture the gold connectors are much smaller on the 32.8′ set than on the 16.4′ set. They may work well on the 16.4′ set but didn’t for the 34.8′.

2. I had to split the set to span over cabinets. No one one run is longer than 16′ and in fact I think the longest is about 9′. I asked support@govee about this and they told me no you can’t do this, then they told me yes you can extend the length with wire then when I had problems with the ez-connectors they told me no I couldn’t again. So translation problem I’m sure. But we decided to solder them and it worked beautifully. The 16.4′ set was easier to solder because of the bigger connectors but we were able to bridge all gaps and run the lights like we wanted without loss of power at the end. Again no one run is longer than 9 or maybe 10 feet total.

3. The app is pretty decent but the controllers are VERY slow to respond at times. I set these up in a scene and when picking a color they all switch individually one at a time. Sometimes you have to select the color multiple times. But it does eventually work and these are cheap LEDs so can’t complain too much but does lose a star.

4. When you combine multiple sets into a scene, the other scenes that do lighting changes go away. So they have a “Candle” scene. You can’t set them against a group of controllers. You can only do it individually. Hopefully they can add that later.

Overall for the inexpensive price (if you sign up as a Govee Savy user they have a 30% off the 32.4′ so I got them much cheaper. Overall I’m happy with these even if the support was a little suspect.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Is this product a 4 pin or 3 pin connection?
Answer: This smart LED strip light is a 4-pin light. Please feel free to contact us via Amazon message center if you have any further questions, we will help you out.

Are this the h6127
Answer: No, I believe mine was the h6141

Is there a public api for either the wifi or bluetooth connection, such that a raspberry pi could control these lights?
Answer: You can contact us for an API after buying this Alexa led light strip.

Need more help, please feel free to contact us via with your Amazon order.

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