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All In One Kit: EVERYTHING YOU NEED including a 17 key RF remote, 12V DC power supply, 4Pre-cut Total 48Inch 5050 LED Strip lights, three plug and play extension wires (12 inch), eight adhesive backed wire clips to keep things neat.

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I VERY seldom have to make a claim on an warranty policy but every once in a great while, stuff happens that is not under your control.

In this case, I purchased a warranty on a Ninja coffee brewing system. I bought a two year warranty. On the 20th month of that policy, the Ninja began randomly FLOODING the countertop with water! I cleaned it, I checked the gasket on the water tank to be sure it was in place and as usual maintenance, lubricated the rubber with restaurant-grade lubricant. A trick i learned in the restaurant business 20 years ago!

Still it continued to flood the counter. Not every time but 2 or 3 times per week. Looking back in my Amazon order history, I realized I had purchased an Asurion warranty on the beast so I contacted them and made a claim.

The process was simple from beginning to end. Within 24 hours they approved my claim and emailed a prepaid UPS shipping label.

The morning I dropped the box at the shipping store here in town, I received an email from Asurion telling me a credit would be issued to my Amazon account within 48 hours. That same day I received another email saying my credit was complete. I went on Amazon, entered the gift card number I received and immediately was able to start shopping!

If you are still unsure about an Asurion warranty, WHY? Just buy it if you’re making a purchase valuable enough that you don’t have to depend on a slow, sluggish manufacturer warranty!

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So you pay money for an extended warranty on an item. My order had 16 items on it. I get a separate email with the list of my 16 items. Then I receive another email that says, ‘Asurion 4year Home Improvement Protection Plan $20-29.99’. Nothing else. How do you know what the warranty matches? What if you have 10 protection plans purchased, how do you know which one is for which item and which product? Where do you file it in case the item breaks, since all the email subject lines says is “your Amazon purchase is protected”? I have 50 line items that all look exactly the same (except for a nebulus order #) in my personal folder file. How about putting it all on the same email matching the item it goes with?????? Anything to Identify the order. You can do better than this Amazon.
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Customer Questions & Answers

How many pre-cut strips can be put on 1 power adapter?
Answer: From Product information Technical Details: 8.8 watts=2.2watts per strip – 12V power supply capacity is 4 amps (12V x 4A – 48 watts). 48 divided by 8.8 = 21.8, so, I would say 21 strips can be supported.

If I read this correctly. the brightness settings can be changed to one of four levels. How dim/bright is the softest (lowest) setting?
Answer: It’s not super low. In a dar room it’s still plenty of light to see. But the low light level is around half the brightness of the high. If I compared it to my hue lighting system that goes from dark 0% to a light glow 10% to super bright 100% I’d say these lights cover the range at about 40% to 100% on a brightness scale.

How long is it when they are all connected together?

46″ (instructions say 48) when all connected. So far I am impressed with this set. I connected 2 strips together under the bar top and 2 strips together inside the bar top (maybe thats were the 2 inch difference came into play). The flexibility of the strips was impressive and was easy to assemble. The variety of the c??

I want 2, one for my TV and one for my Monitor. Is there any way/product to utilize only 1 remote?
Answer: U can just string them all together like Christmas lights and have the one module for the one remote just need a long enough connecter wire

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