OHLUX Smart WiFi Flood Light Bulbs E26 Base 900Lumen (100W Equivalent)

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OHLUX Smart WiFi Flood Light Bulbs E26 Base 900Lumen (100W Equivalent)
OHLUX Smart WiFi Flood Light Bulbs E26 Base 900Lumen (100W Equivalent)


Top Positive Review

These lights are great. They are energy efficient. They can be controlled via the smart life app or alexa or Google home. They are easy to set up. Confirm your phone/tablet is connected to a 2.4hz wifi network. 1. Install the Smart Life app from the app store and open it. 2. Click the plus button in the top right. 3. Click the Add Manually section at the top (It should already be the default). 4. Click the word “Lighting” on the far left. 5. Click The light bulb that says “Lighting” (Wifi). 6. Install the light. 7. Turn the light On-Off-On-Off-On. 8. Wait ten seconds or so and they will start blinking. 9. Click the large button that says “Confirm your light in blinking rapidly.” You’re done. The light will be “found,” “connected,” and “initialize” automatically. Simply give your light a unique name. (Lets say you have multiple lights in one fixture and you’ve named each light, “Kitchen Light.” You can group them together in the Alexa app, which I’ll explain later.) You can now control your lights from the smart life app.
-Keep your lights on.- If you have the Alexa app set up already and “smart life” skill enabled, Alexa will automatically recognize your new lights and you will be able to voice control them by name.
-Keep your lights on- If you do not have the Alexa app set up yet you will need to complete a couple simple steps. To get your lights to work with Alexa you will need to enable the “Smart Life” skill in your Alexa app. 1. Do this by going to the Alexa app home screen and clicking the three lines in the top left. 2. Go to skills and games. 3. Go to the search symbol and type in “Smart Life.” 4. Enable Skill.
Once you do this go back to the Alexa app Home screen and 1. click the three lines at the top again. 2. Click add device. 3. Click Light. 4. Scroll all the way down to “Other.” 5. Click Discover devices. As long as your lights are on and you have followed all the previous steps properly, Alexa will find your lights by the unique names you gave them earlier.
Okay, so let’s say you have 3 lights or more in the same fixture. It’s okay to name them all “Kitchen Light” or whatever you like. They can all be the same, because we can use Alexa to create a group. 1. Go to the Alexa app home page. 2. Click Devices in the bottom right. 3. Click the + button in the top right of the screen. 4. Click “Add Group.” 5. Give the group a name that you will use to control multiple individual lights. 6. Add the lights from the list that will be available below by simply clicking each one of them. 7. After you have selected all the devices, click save. Voila.

A couple notes. I know this sounds a little complicated but that’s only because I literally broke it down piece by piece for those who may not be technologically adept. It’s very easy, especially after you do it a couple times.
Also, to turn every smart light you have installed off, you do not need to create a group in Alexa. Simply say, “Alexa, turn off all of the lights.”
Hope this review helps prospective buyers

Top Critical Review

Terrible product, couldn??t even set up the light bulbs because apparently you have to reconfigure your WiFi if you don??t have 2.4GHz just to set up light bulbs which makes no sense at all. The app isn??t user friendly at all and if you have an IPhone the manual that comes with the bulbs doesn??t match up at all. I will be sending these back and ordering a different brand, thanks for wasting my time with lightbulbs that ??connect in 30 seconds.??

Customer Questions & Answers

setup easily?

Bought these for my dining room . I have some sengled smart bulbs as well, but , these bulbs are much easier to set-up using the app… i paired the bulbs with my echo dot and can easily command Alexa. I never thought I could individually change the color and setting for a single ceiling fixture with 3 light bulbs..but??

Is work with Alexa Echo?
Answer: YES,they are

Any advantage compare with philips hue ?

To be honest philips hue are famous brand ,mostly is brand effect,i will explained from 3 point (product/price/service)

1 about the product, this one is no need hub reuqire,brightness ,power,voltage are same

2 about the price, Philips hue price $50 per each,and not including hub pirce ($49)

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