Peteme Smart Light Bulbs

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9.2Expert Score
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Peteme Smart Light Bulbs, Wi-Fi Led Smart Bulbs, RGB, 2 Pack
Peteme Smart Light Bulbs
Peteme Smart Light Bulbs


Peteme smart Light bulbs works with Alexa, Echo, Google Home Assistant and Siri;

Top Positive Review

I must admit I was initially hesitant to buy the bulbs from a company I was not familiar with. Who were selling smart bulbs so inexpensively compared to other smart bulbs on the market.

However, I am happy to report that the bulbs work great with both the app and Alexa. They are bright and can be dimmed so the right mood for the room can be set. I really like the slow transitions they make when I change from one color to another.

The customer service is also excellent. When I ordered initially, one of the bulbs would not show the blue range of colors. I contacted the company and they were quick to reply and send me new bulbs quickly.

Also, I like the personal touch the company has with its customers. When I placed the order the company sent me a thank you email that also gave some tips on how to install the bulbs and set them up with the app.

I will definitely buy more bulbs in the future.q

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Top Critical Review

First and foremost the bulb – Only one of the bulbs worked for me, which was not a good sign right out of the gate. The one that DID work, wouldn’t pair in “Automatic mode” but would pair reluctantly after a few attempts in the alternate “Access Point (AP mode) ” that the app offers. Now giving credit when credit is due; when the 1 bulb did work (albiet for a short period) it worked flawlessly – colors were great brightness was pretty meh, though I was getting it to dim down my bathroom anyway, I didn’t see it as an issue, not to mention the app paired well with my google home unit.

I placed both the google home hub and the bulb in the bathroom (I wanted a way to manage the dimness/color of light – especially for those early mornings – and it worked great for that regard) while my router which it connects to lies right outside my room in the living room (not more than 15-20 ft away) – now the app says to have your bulb, phone, and router all within 10 ft of each other, but this was impossible as the bulb needs to be in the socket in order to receive power, and once removed from the socket, the bulb disconnects itself and removed itself from the wifi – and I wasn’t about to disconnect and move my router just for a single bulb to turn light blue at 50% brightness in the morning, if you know what i mean… Now this wasn’t so bad until I found out that if the bulb disconnects, it doesn’t automatically reconnect as it doesn’t have an automatic re-connect feature – or if it does, it didn’t work. So with that in mind, if the bulb lost power in any way (Even if you accidentally flip the light switch on your way out out of habit, which happened more often than you would think) you would have to sit there and try multiple reconnect attempts until it would start working again. By the end of the 2nd day, I told myself that I wasn’t going to sit there for 30 or so minutes every time the bulb switches off just to reconnect it back on to the wifi

Now for the app – The app it uses is fairly simple, and is only used to pair the device, after that i just connected it to Google Home (which paired just fine). Commands like “Turn bathroom light color green” or “Turn Bathroom light to 50% brightness” worked just fine, however stringing commands together like “Turn bathroom light on at 50%” or “Change bathroom light color to red at 10%” did not work – no fault to the bulb itself, just wanted to note. Also wanted to note that this is for sure a Chinese product that has been hastily translated for English use as some settings were still in Chinese (Long pressing on the picture in the help manual for example would return a menu with Chinese characters) – not a big deal but it just compounded the issue for me personally

All in all, I requested a refund for the product and will be looking at competitors, this product just proved too much of a hassle for what its is. For a product that is meant to make my life easier, it just really made my life 10 times harder. That is why I cannot recommend this product to anyone. For what it’s worth, the sellers seem very friendly and offered to remedy the issue – I just personally didn’t want to pursue remediation

+ Colors
+ App Simplicity
+ Connection with Google Home

– Ease of use
– Bulb connectivity
– Bulb quality
– Bulb wireless range
– App not fully translated
– Use of 2.4 gHz only
– No bluetooth connectivity
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Customer Questions & Answers

Do they need a hub to connect to alexa ?
Answer: no ,u do not need a hub to alexa ,it is no hub

I set up wrong, now the light bulb was not blinking and I want to re set again how to re set.
Answer: Hello, please unscrew the bulb for 5 minutes, then reconnect and reprogram again.

Does it change colors on command with goole mini?
Answer: yes ,it can change colors on command with goodle mini

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