Sengled Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs Outdoor

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Sengled Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs Outdoor
Sengled Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs Outdoor


?Upgrade Dusk to Dawn Sensor?Sengled Led Sensor Light Bulb built-in high quality Photocell sensor, it will detect the light intensity then turn on light at dusk and turn off light at dawn automatically. The bulbs will not interfere with each other, even if the distance is only 6 inches. Saving you the trouble of manual control.

Top Positive Review

I have been dabbling in smart home tech for a while now but sometimes a simple solution works the best. We like having the outside light on at night but we do not want to waste energy by forgetting to turn it off in the morning or having the outside dark when we forget to turn them on. I have tried other dusk to dawn bulbs but they don??t seem to work well when enclosed in a frosted glass fixture. I was surprised when these arrived and they have 2 sensors on the bulb! One on each side. The other bulbs that I have tried only had one and they had the red cover on them. I think the Sengleds work better because they have 2 sensors on opposite sides and they are clear which improves the light sensing abilites. The bulbs come in a simple brown packaging that sends a message about being environmentally conscious. It might have been from recycled cardboard/paper as well. I like the simplicity and earth friendly approach. I touched the bulbs during the day and they don??t run hot when off. In the time that I have used them they have not failed to turn on or off as expected. I have not had to reset these like other zigbee, z-wave or wifi bulbs. I like what is possible with the smart home tech but a little low tech still works!

Top Critical Review

These bulbs come on without an issue when it starts to get dark outside. It??s morning now and past 8AM but they??re still on. I was hoping they??d be off by now. I was reading other reviews before I purchased these and some did mention that because there are 2 sensors on each side of the bulb, that could be an interference if the bulbs are installed too close to each other. I??ll have to cover a sensor on each bulb that??s facing the other bulb and see if that would work. Will update.

Customer Questions & Answers

Out of my three pack, one light blinks about every 5 seconds or so. It is in the middle fixture of three. Could it be getting too much light?
Answer: I had a similar problem with other LED bulbs. It has something to do with the wiring in series or being on a dimmable switch. I put a regular bulb in the middle and the two LED’s 1st and 3rd and it worked.

How often do these bulbs have to be changed?
Answer: I have not had any problem of the bulds coming on and going off in cloudy, stroms, snow, and ant severe weather/unsual weather; they have worked as advertised with no problem

If i use two of these in the same fixture, will one of them be on and the other off because it’s sensing the light from the first?
Answer: I would think since they are motion activated if one comes on you would want the other on. Other than that I would not recommend placing both in same fixture bc light could trigger being so close.

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