Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs

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Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs
Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs


?Hub Required(Sold Separately:B0828KXVGQ)?: Sengled smart light bulbs are compatible with Amazon Echo (4th Gen/Plus/Show 10/Studio), SmartThings, Wink, Hubitat or Sengled Hub. Sengled smart hub needs to be connected to your home router with an Ethernet cable. Not compatible with Philips Hue bridge system.

Top Positive Review

First of all, a disclaimer. WiFi light bulbs anger me.
They make me see red. Not because they work but because they never do.

It usually comes down to Philips Hue, LIFX or Sengled.
My only experience with Philips are store demos and that free with an echo device promo. I didn’t find it to be any better than another soft white blub. and frustrating crapshoot. Problem is that if you have a router that does dual 2.4/5ghz in a single SSID it will be massively painful. My usual workaround of using an old 2.4 ghz only phone didn’t work. Not going go further into that but just be aware of that as most if not all wifi smart blubs do 2.4ghz only.

Enter Sengled. Wifi bulbs? Not with a 10 ft pole. Even theirs. Which is why I bought this instead of a better deal going about for wiki

Sengled’s hub and bulbs are zigbee. Hub only does sengled. Bulbs can attached to non-sengled hubs.

The included hub? Decent. Can’t do homekit if you’re wondering. At the very least it is wired so you don’t do that usual phone wifi hand off thing with using the device’s network song and dance. Plus it supports up to 50 bulbs vs 10 Wifi per their FAQ.

Pairing is uneventful. Flick it on and off 10 times then pair. Really wish QR code scanning was an explicit option, not a failsafe after a scan doesn’t pick it up. But at any rate it works. Use a wall switch to do the pairing. Less hit or miss than a twist for cadence.

Bulbs themselves? NIce. Some colors really takes a lumen hit. So if you want to make it look like a bright red color..out of’s closer to multiple nightlights in brightness..but red. I will admit however, the red is deeper than I expected.
Something like a yellow or green..not too dark but not the brightest
There are some groovy color changing patterns but nothing too special unless you’re into that stuff. There doesn’t seem to be a sync with music either

The app has some settings for pre-defined non color option. Your usual soft, daylight, etc. Those are bright enough given the 60 watt equivalent.

The app isn’t special either, but i will say that I like the wake up feature. It’s like a wake light in a sense. gradual brightness till you’re up. Make sure you have a bulb either directly facing you or not out of those standing shaded ones however. Those take away too much brightness.

You want blinding color and music color sync? Hubless or nothing? Keep moving.
Want some variety over standard lights at a decent price? This is the ticket.

Top Critical Review

Great price for Philips Hue “supported” LED bulbs. However, they don’t seem to be fully supported. I can add them to my Philips Hue hub/system and adjust color/brightness (they don’t seem as bright as actual Philips Hue RGB bulbs), but none of them respond to the On/Off command. So, there is no way to turn them off other than reducing brightness to 0% (not sure if that’s actually off though).

I would return these, but for my application I have a master power switch for all of the fixtures that these are connected to, so it’s not so much an issue for me.

You should avoid these if you need On/Off functionality in your Hue system.

Customer Questions & Answers

Are these the bulbs that work with the sengled 4-pack hub kit?
Answer: Yes. They are compatible w/ Sengled hub, SmartThings hub, & Alexa after initial setup w/o Sengled hub. Color changing bulbs though will not work on a 3-way light switches, so please be aware. Tech changes daily, so do the research b/4 heading down that path. Things might have been approved since my personal experience.

I’d like to try this smart color-changing bulb, but I am afraid that it wouldn’t work.
Answer: If the bulb is color changeable, your controlling device, Alexa or Google or whatever, is capable of changing the color and brightness.

If I already own a hub where can I buy just these color bulbs?
Answer: Dear customer,

Currently we don’t have the color bulb sold separately, it will be released soon.

Can you use any lamp, of do you have to use special lamps?
Answer: You can use any lamp.

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