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Remote Control: Control the smart light bulb anytime anywhere via meross app, no distance limitation. Need you to download meross app, you can create a group for all of your meross smart bulb and control them all with just one command. Works with 2.4GHz WiFi only. No hub required.

Top Positive Review

These lights are amazing high quality and power saver and cool different colors. The power cost of power is almost $1/year woooow.
How to install:
1- Safety first-Turn the power off remove the old light and install the new one.
2- install the new light and make sure it’s snug fit
3- Go to your phone and download the Meross app
4- create an account if you haven’t already and then on the top home screen click on the +
5- swipe up until you find Smart Bulb
Continue the steps until your light flashes for 3-6 times with different colors.
6- Congrats you are done! Feel free to control your light from your app.
7- in order for you to connect this to Alexa or Google home more details can be found in the app itself.
Hight quality and great price.

Top Critical Review

Let me say, I have over 20 smart lights throughout my house. Some of them better than others. These…. these are by far the worst of the worst of what I now own. Most lights can hook up through 1 app. These have to use their own, no big deal right? Not the first set I have had that had to do this. Except their app is an absolute garbage fire of an app. Half the time it doesnt connect to my router, then it doesnt connect to the light, then it doesnt connect to my alexa. The navigation of the app is horrid also. So I would give a 1 star just because of their app, but wait that isnt the only crappy thing there is. Let’s talk about installation. Needless to say I’m experienced at installing this style of light. Normally takes me about 2 to 3 minutes to have them up running with alexa. So go to install these and of coarse I have to use their dumpster fire trash of an app to setup. Starting installing first bulb, fails to install. Try again fails to install, so try the other one, it actually installs. Thing is I have them on the same socket, and after a failed install you have to reset the bulbs. So reset both bulbs, install one it goes. Second fails. Since I have installed a few of these, I go ahead an take the installed bulb out and reset the other and it finally installs. So I screw in the other bulb amd the app sees everything. Everything works within the app. So I connect it to alexa, alexa sees both devices. I’m thinking great! Tell alexa to turn off the lights and only one turns off. Go into my alexa app and it shows one bulb non responsive, go into meross app and both bulbs work. Go back into alexa and still nothing. I gave up trying afte that. Dont buy these. Their app sucks. The bulbs themselves might be ok, but the interface has a lot of issues. Made mistake buying these. Going to replace and order a set that I trust.

Customer Questions & Answers

Can I pair light bulbs to both turn simultaneously with one control switch on the app?
Answer: Yes. The Meross app allows grouping of multiple devices. This can also be done via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Does this bob work with HomeKit?
Answer: This model does not work with apple HomeKit

I still have problems connecting it to alexa please help ?
Answer: You need to add Meross app to Alexa app as skills. After that your Alexa will find the devices itself.

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