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Voice Control: meross smart light bulbs compatible with Apple HomeKit, Apple Watch, Siri, Alexa Echo, Echo dot, Google Assistant and SmartThings. Control your smart bulbs via voice command to turn on/off or dim/brighten your smart LED light effortlessly. (e.g. ??Hey Siri, set the bedroom light to green??)

Top Positive Review

I’ve bought and returned to Costco and Amazon, 3 other sets – that didn’t have Homekit integration, they all had ‘Siri Shortcuts’ which is a joke, don’t trust that it’s a workaround that if anything changes gets broken. THESE however use HomeKit, they have the QR code on each bulb and on stickers on the instruction guide. They were BONKERS EASY to set up! For comparison, it took me 3 hours to get a set of FEIT bulbs to connect to my 2.4ghz wifi trying all of it’s methods, but with these, i just followed the easy instructions: put your phone on your 2.4ghz wifi, then launch homekit, tap +, scan the barcode, screw the bulb in, and BOOM. DONE. In SECONDS. That is worth EVERY PENNY. I’m buying more now.
I LOVE that siri just WORKS with them, and instantly, no lag, no waiting for the 3rd party app to do it’s stuff in the background. ALSO pro-tip: you can use RGB ‘color names’ with these and Siri, as well as tempurature names – to see what that means, google ‘RGB Color Names’, there is an agreed upon set of names for RGB colors, such as ‘Cadmium Yellow’, and Siri also recognizes some tempurate names, such as:
‘Hey siri, set __ lights to:
Warm white
Cool White

there are others but those are all I need for now.
Using the Home app, you can set the color temp to change throughout the day – I have mine set to cool white in the morning, then mid day a middle warm, then full warm at ‘sunset’, then after 9pm to 50% brightness, and to off when i leave the house.

These are SO COOL, and the perfect way to dip your toe into the home automation world with the best way possible.

Not convinced? consider this: if you buy a brand of bulb that REQUIRES it’s own mfgr’s app, if that company EVER goes out of business, your bulbs are useless. Bulbs that are HOMEKIT compatible would only stop working if APPLE went out of business… is that not worth a couple extra dollars?

Top Critical Review

My main reason for buying these bulbs was the advertised compatibility with Apple HomeKit. As it turns out, though, there is a major deficiency.

The bulbs have two modes: a “color” mode which gives you a range of colors, and a “white” mode which gives you white light with a range of color temperatures. The white mode puts off light equivalent to about a 60W incandescent bulb, but the color mode is much dimmer: it’s more like a 15W equivalent.

After pairing the bulbs with HomeKit, they start off in white mode. But after using the Home app to change the bulbs to color mode, they won’t go back to white mode, even if you use the color temperature controls in the app. So the bulbs remain too dim for reading or working.

The bulbs work correctly using the Meross app, but you can’t use the bulbs with the Meross app and HomeKit simultaneously; if you pair the bulbs with one app, they get unpaired with the other.

HomeKit issues aside, the bulbs work okay, though the color saturation is a bit weak. Also, we had a power outage and all the bulbs became unpaired; I expect this to be a frequent occurrence because the reset procedure for the bulbs is to toggle the power three times. The instructions indicate that you need to use the Meross app to update the bulb firmware, which I expect means I have to unpair the bulbs from HomeKit to make that happen.

The bulbs were inexpensive so it’s not a big loss. I’ll probably just use them as ambient lights instead of reading lights. But I can’t see myself buying more of them.

Customer Questions & Answers

what model is this product?

THEY ARE MSL120 — NOT MSL120HK as stated in the product information and incorrectly answered in the Q&A by the vendor. This is confirmed by my first order which incorrectly delivered MSL120, and the replacement order which AGAIN incorrectly delivered MSL120 instead of the advertised MSL120HK — EVEN AFTER CLEARLY INDI??

Does this bulb have a touch on/ off feature? So to have the ability to turn the bulb on and off without using the app or wall switch.
Answer: The light bulb itself doe not have touch on/ off feature. App or wall switch has such feature

Does it work with an iPhone ?

Yes, it does. Our smart bulbs work with Apple HomeKit (iPhone iOS 13 or above), Apple Watch, Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and compatible with SmartThings.

If you want to pair the device to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or SmartThings, please download and launch meross app and then search “meross” in Google H??

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