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?Convenient Voice Control? Boxlood smart light bulbs work with Echo dot, Google Home Assistant, Siri (iOS 12.0 and above), No Hub required. Control your smart bulb by one command. Especially when you are busy or hands are full, just simple voice command ??Alexa, turn on the living room light?? ??Hey Siri, turn off the bedroom light??. It is very convenient.

Top Positive Review

These bulbs work well. I didn’t get them for the color adjustment but I checked and the colors seem fine. But I really have no desire to work in blue or red or green light. I got these bulbs because of their 900 lumen brightness and at full brightness they are very bright. You also have the ability to control their color temperature so the light is white or yellow or anything in between. I do have some suggestions for setting these up that may avoid problems. The light fixture I’m using has 4 bulbs. I chose to have only one of my four bulbs installed when I was doing its seup. This was probably not necessary but when doing the setup a bulb times out after 3 minutes so I would probably have to put the bulbs in setup mode more than once anyway since I’m not fast enough to configure all 4 bulbs in 3 minutes. To put a bulb in setup mode you flip the power switch ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON and after a delay of a few seconds the bulb begins to flash on and off. When operating the power switch don’t try to rush it. In the OFF-ON-OFF parts I would wait perhaps a second in each switch position. I think at first I flipped the switch too fast and the bulb didn’t go into setup mode. You set a bulb up using the Smart Life app on your smartphone. Make sure your phone is connected to your 2.4 GHz network!! I knew the bulbs only connect to a 2.4 GHz network but I wasn’t aware the phone must be on that network as well (but only for setup). The reason is that the Smart Life app automatically picks up the network name from the phone so if your phone is connected to your 5 GHz network, Smart Life will be using the wrong network name. Next, in Smart Life select + (which is add device), lighting, light source (WiFi). After entering your network password you come to the page with a flashing light. At this point, if you haven’t already, do the ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON and make sure the bulb is flashing fast. Now you will see a large blue button labeled “Next” but it is greyed out. Just above it is some very small text that says “Confirm indicator rapidly blink” (which should really read bulb instead of indicator). You must click on this text to get the Next button to become active. There is no checkmark box or other indication that this is true and it took me a while to figure it out. After clicking next the bulb will be programmed and added to Smart Life. If you have multiple bulbs as I do you probably want to group them so they all behave as one. It is very much not obvious how to do this. At this point you will have a page with all your bulbs listed. Click on any one you want added to a group and you will have the page where you control that bulb. There will be a pencil in the upper right hand corner of that page. Click on the pencil and you will have a page where there is the option to Create Group. When done, in addition to your bulbs the group name will be listed and you can control the group exactly like you do a bulb. There is another way to set up a bulb that I will mention. If you do the ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON twice in a row the bulb will slow-flash. In this mode the bulb actually becomes a WiFi source and you connect your phone to that WiFi which is unsecured. The WiFi name will be obvious but I don’t remember exactly what it is. I configured one bulb this way and all I recall is that it was obvious what to do. The last thing you may want to do is add bulb control to Alexa. You do this by adding the Smart Life Skill to the Alexa app.

Top Critical Review

These “smart lights” do what they’re made to do. However, while I know how to get these onto my Wi-Fi, the instructions they provide leave much to be desired. Worst part is that the instructions are in print smaller than the print on a disclaimer in an ad! I would not recommend this particular product if you don’t already know how to get these things to work; it’s over complicated and very difficult to read the tiny print. Also, they’re way too expensive, considering what they do.

Customer Questions & Answers

Can these be used outdoors for my porch lights?
Answer: Yes, you can, it is also can be used closed lampshade.

Could I applied on a switch control for multi bulbs lighting? How to setup at app under this condition? one by one, or another ways?
Answer: Dear, you can control all the bulbs by a group. Please add it one by one. If you need any assist, please feel free to contact me:

Size of the bulbs? Please
Answer: Dear, it is E26 base, A19 bulb, size is High 4.01inch* diameter 2.35inch

Is this bulb compatible with a tablet?
Answer: Yes

Can you adjust the brightness while in color mode?
Answer: yes, you can use smart life app to change the brightness and color

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