Smart WiFi Light Bulb

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Smart WiFi Light Bulb
Smart WiFi Light Bulb


???Remote Control from Anywhere & Anytime?: No hub or bridge is required. Simply download the free ??Linkind?? app and pair it with your WiFi (only supports 2.4G). As long as the smart light bulb stays connected to WiFi, you can easily control it from anywhere at any time.

Top Positive Review

I ordered these to replace some old CFLs in our rooms. Aside from the initial bulb I tried being a dud, the other 3 in the pack seemed to work and pair with my 2.4Ghz wireless network just fine. Keep in mind, if you screw up the pairing, you have to “reset” the bulb by cycling its power 5 or 6 times until the color test and blink happens so the unsecured WiFi network is available to add it. This is kind of an annoyance that I had to dig through a lot of the FAQ and manual to discover. Maybe a “reset” pinhole [like 99% of other technologies like this employ] would have been a bit more user friendly/obvious?

Diagnostic and troubleshooting leaves a lot to be desired. You can also manually connect to the randomized Unsecured networks each bulb creates uniquely in order to pair. Although, I think they should have just used a set of hex digits that uniquely identified each wireless SSID, to enter into your phone instead of a QR code to simplify things. Just make sure you only have one bulb pairing at a time to avoid SSID confusion.

These bulbs seem to just want to “phone home” to the central server they connect to and don’t give you much in terms of feedback once they’re joined to your network even if they appear to be ‘working’. That’s likely by design, but it would be nice to know why a particular dud bulb won’t pair, as was in my scenario. It can’t be that hard to add some lightweight internal HTTP server that these things listen on to give some basic diagnostic info, would it?

Anyway, judging by the extreme heat it produced and the fact it never showed up on my network’s MAC list, in the first minute of being powered on, I would suspect it’s a thermal problem with the WiFi chip inside. I’ll be reaching out to their support to see if I can get this one bulb replaced, but the other 3 seem to work fine!

– They work
– Many different colors to choose from
– Software lets you arrange bulbs into “Rooms” and set up scenes.

– Software is clunky.
– Reliance on QR codes is OK, but be prepared to use an exposed lamp mount lest you try and cram your camera into hard-to-reach places.

Overall, decently priced smart bulbs that don’t require a hub. Can’t complain much. Hopefully they will replace my 4th dud bulb in the 4-pack I bought because the other 3 work fine.

Top Critical Review

I’ve set up two other brands’ colored smart lights and both took under a minute to have connected to Google Home. I’ve set up lots of other Smart devices with no issues. I could never get these to work. I exchanged countless emails with their support, but after spending hours total, I finally had to give up. It isn’t worth the hassle. Their app is buggy as hell. I tried all four bulbs that came in the pack and none worked. They kept asking question after question of me with support and we were getting nowhere. I cut my losses after several hours. My advice: get one of the brands that supports the Smart Life app. That app seems to be more reliable than the garbage Linkind app or maybe it is the actual bulbs. Who knows…

Customer Questions & Answers

How do I pair this with my echo dot
Answer: Under the Alexa app go to skill and pair the app They recommend to use and allow access to Alexa

I set up a timer for my lights to turn on at night and off in the morning by creating scenes for on and off. the on works. the off doesn??t. help?
Answer: Dear customer,

Thanks for contacting us. May I confirm whether you’ve correctly set up a time for turning the light off? Would you mind contacting us: We will help solve your problem. Thanks.

Linkind Team

Will this work as a plant light?
Answer: Honestly, I have no idea, but you can change the light to any color you want and you can also change the brightness from really bright to really dim. Not sure if that helps lol

Are the bulbs able to connect to a wifi 6 network? (More specifically a eero wifi network with legacy mode enabled and 5g network hidden)
Answer: NO

Does this bulb require a 2.4 ghz network or will it work with a 5 ghz?
Answer: Yes, this requires 2.4ghz wifi network to setup and to use. On my router I setup the “guest” network to only use 2.4ghz

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